What We Do

Sovereign Title Agency, LLC provides title insurance coverage & closing services for purchases, construction, refinances, or equity loans. No matter how big & complex or how small and simple the job may be, we provide timely, accurate work with no hassles, even under short deadlines. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction – we guarantee it! Contact us today to see how we can help.


  • Commercial and Residential Title Insurance
  • Settlement Services
  • Electronically transmitted binders, endorsements and policies
  • Electronically received lender closing packages
  • Online orders for all searches
  • Present owner mortgage and lien searches
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure searches
  • Business searches
  • Co-op searches
  • Chancery Abstracts
  • Certificates of Regularity
  • Upper court searches
  • Patriot name searches
  • Child support searches
  • Tax and Assessment searches
  • Flood, tideland and wetland searches
  • Entity status reports
  • Corporate franchise tax searches
  • UCC searches
  • Surveys and Survey Certificates
  • Prepare and record Notices of Settlement
  • Obtain discharges, releases, warrants to satisfy judgments
  • Procure mortgage payoff letters


Our mission is to be recognized as the best title insurance company in New Jersey and to be a trusted and valued partner, making a positive difference in the lives of our policyholders, their lenders, attorneys and agents, our business partners, our employees and our shareholders.


  • We will never lose sight of the fact that we are helping our customers buy and protect their most important assets and investments.
  • We will always go the extra mile to support our policyholders, their attorneys, their real estate agents and their representatives.
  • We will have a passion for great people. Together, we will have a commitment to excellence and pride in our work and achievements.
  • By always honoring our values, we will earn an unimpeachable reputation among our policyholders, their advisors, and our employees, shareholders and partners.


Ensure honesty and integrity in everything we do

  • Honor our commitments and obligations
  • Do the right thing, ethically and morally


Focus on our customers

  • Meet our promised timelines
  • Ensure that our coverage is appropriate for their needs
  • Make sure they and their advisors are always fully informed

Create a world-class workplace for our employees

  • Create a cooperative spirit in which everyone “rolls up their sleeves”
  • Encourage innovation and new ideas
  • Respect and care for each employee
  • Reward success and contribution


Never compromise our standards

  • Strive for excellence in the service we provide, our internal processes and operations
  • Commit to being the best